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    Ayurveda Manages Chronic Diseases Better

    • Treat Yourself Holistically
    • Specialised Formulas Passed On To Generations From Since 1000 Years.
    • No Side Effects.
    • Save Yourself From Steroids.

    Ayurvedic Hospital in Ludhiana, Punjab | Department Of Ayurveda Deep Hospital

    Ayurvedic Hospital in Ludhiana, Punjab, Department Of Ayurveda Deep Hospital is the leading Ayurveda clinic of North India which is fully equipped with all Panchkarma procedures. Established in 2011, this department has fast gained a reputation of giving authentic Ayurveda treatment for various chronic diseases. Department Of Ayurveda Deep Hospital centre of excellence has highly trained Vaidyas of repute who also practice advance Panchkarma procedures for chronic male and Gynaecological disorders. The centre serves and receives patients from all over the world who look for genuine and classical Ayurveda

    1st AYUSH Department in a multi speciality Ayurvedic hospital of the region

    Preserving the Health of a Healthy person and treating the disease of a patient are the two objectives of Ayurveda. 

    Treatments We Offer
    Our Foundation is

    Holistic Healing through herbs

    At Department Of Ayurveda Deep Hospital, our doctors will recommend Ayurvedic Herbo Mineral Medicine of our foundation that leave a positive impact on your overall health. With our doctors, you will get 100% proven and effective treatment. All the Ayurvedic products are made from natural herbs and ingredients. Most importantly, they are tested, and their formulations have been proven a great choice for health issues. Ayurvedic products are all about purity that depicts that they are untouched from malignity. Ayurvedic treatment follows a unique methodology to heal the body, mind, and soul with the ancient Vedic system.

    Foundation of Health is Happiness


    A few words from our patients.

    1 Leading Ayurveda centre
    100+ Diseases Treatment
    1.5 Lakh Patient Consulted
    15+ Staff Member Looking After You

    The Basic Principles Of Ayurveda

    The basic fundamental which Ayurveda follows includes the spiritual, emotional, and physical contexts. The three basic fundamental biological humor are - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These 3 different energies are controlling the universe, and they are responsible for the generation & maintenance of new life (Kapha), formation & destruction (Pitta), and movement (Vata). With every individual, these energies are found which help their health and provide protection against diseases. Through Ayurveda healing is done by maintaining the balance of Pitta, Vata, and Kapha by making changes in your lifestyle. Understanding your body composition helps in opting for a healthy lifestyle by having the right food and managing a daily routine to be a better version of yourself!

    समदोषः समाग्निश्च समधातुमलक्रियः । प्रसन्नात्मेन्द्रियमनाः स्वस्थ इत्यभिधीयते ॥

    Samadosha samagnisch samadhatu malakriya Prasanna atma mana swastha iti abhidhiyate.A balanced state of doshas depicts healthy life that includes Dhatus (tissues), Agni (digestive fire), and normal functioning of Mala (waste products), happy state of Atman (soul), mind, and sensory organs.  

    Why Choose Us

    • Personalized & root-cause based treatment

      No 2 individuals are the same, and therefore the treatment is personalized by our doctor. Patient condition is examined, the root cause is diagnosed, and offered personalized treatment.

    • World’s largest Ayurvedic treatment organization

      At Department Of Ayurveda Deep Hospital, you will be getting the best treatment plan by consulting experienced doctors. With our effective approach, we have reached patients across the globe.

    • Complete Health Package

      At Department Of Ayurveda Deep Hospital get a complete health package that includes a diet chart, necessary medications, and lifestyle recommendations.

    • End-To-End Relief Tracking

      Our approach has helped people to live a balanced and healthy life. Through the treatment with the guidance of our doctor, you will know about your health and how to live a productive life.