Ayurveda and its approach to curating your own skincare routine

Personalised Ayurvedic Skin Care Regimen
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Ayurveda and its approach to curating your own skincare routine

  • July 9, 2022


Magic of Ayurveda & Its Natural Ingredients For Skincare

Ayurveda and its natural ingredients work ideal against different situations to build an all-healthy lifestyle. From head to toe, the magic of Ayurveda and its ingredients are worth opting for. You must ensure a properly balanced skincare routine that incorporates everything to help you beautify your skin from inside and outside. The assistance of the ayurvedic doctor in Ludhiana will guide you in skincare basics. Before I proceed further, let me tell you about the basics of skin care that incorporate three major steps:

  • Cleansing: Removing skin impurities
  • Toning: Helps to balance out the skin
  • Moisturizing: Helps the skin to stay moisturized all time

The right approach to CTM will be told to you correctly by the best Ayurvedic Skin Specialists in Punjab. The Ayurvedic doctor checks precisely the way skin changes and what are the necessary tweaks to be made. Also, you must be slightly patient with everything to see the difference and give your skin the glow it needs.

Ayurvedic-based skincare routine

First Step: Cleanse the skin for softness

You need to cleanse your skin at least twice daily to ensure the pollutants don’t clog the pores. Otherwise, the chances of breakout get higher. Some of the most natural and effective Ayurvedic based to cleanse the skin are:

  • Apply aloe vera gel
  • Apply neem
  • Apply tulsi
  • Use sandalwood

Depending on your skin type and texture, the Ayurvedic doctor will inform you about the most appropriate option.

Second Step: Toning

Toner is another essential of the skincare regime that you need to select on your skin type. For toner, you can use pure rose water, lavender water, vetiver water, and mogra water. Everything works differently depending on what’s the skin concern.

Third step: Moisturize your skin

The good moisturization helps the skin to stay nourished and hydrated all the time. Regular cleaning reduces the chances of skin getting harmed by environmental factors. Moreover, you need to ensure the skin’s natural moisturizing ability doesn’t get lost. Regarding moisturization, you can use the options like coconut milk, essential oils, sesame oil, shea butter, and kokum butter. 

Fourth step: SPF to aid against sun protection

Another essential factor is applying SPF dedicatedly. Sunscreen helps the skin by reducing fine lines and skin texture imperfections. You need to apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going out and make a habit of applying it every 2 hours. 

Add in some extra options to the skincare regime

With Ayurveda’s old-age science, you even get the best options like facial oil or face serum. It does help the skin to be all better and look the best. Some of the best Ayurvedic body oils are Coconut oil, Almond oil, Nalpamaradi oil, and sesame oil. You should also follow proper lip care, masks, and other natural ways.