Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Ayurvedic treatment for cervical spondylosis

migraine & cervical spondylitis

Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Ayurvedic treatment for cervical spondylosis

  • May 26, 2022


Cervical Spondylosis Ayurvedic Treatment

Do you often get fascinated with modern-day approaches? Well, everybody does that. The modern and sedentary lifestyles create excitement, but at times, health issues come with it. Because our work lifestyle and being inactive, trigger joint, bone, and degenerative problems.

Although with time, people are changing and looking for natural ways to improve well-being. And this is where seeking assistance from one of the experienced ayurvedic doctor in Ludhiana is what you need to make yourself feel better.

Natural ayurvedic remedies for Cervical Spondylosis

When you consult the Ayurvedic practitioner to begin your Cervical Spondylitis Ayurvedic Treatment in Ludhiana, the doctor will emphasize the fact to balance the natural state of your well-being. So, if any of your doshas are not in a balanced state, then the Ayurvedic approach makes a difference.

Apart from the treatment, there are a few natural Ayurvedic remedies to follow to transform your Cervical Spondylosis care.

Remedy 1: Castor oil

Take castor oil (1 tablespoon) at least once or twice a week. The castor oil is good for balancing and cleansing Vata dosha.

Remedy 2: Garlic

It would help if you had garlic on a bare and empty stomach in the morning. Apart from that, you can even heat around 2 to 3 crushed garlic cloves in a pan. Take the cloves and heat in a pan with vegetable oil and apply the same to the affected area. After that, take a warm bath.

Remedy 3: Sesame oil

Sesame oil also helps to give the utmost relief to joints. And it even makes it warm and offers nourishment. You should always apply it gently to the affected area and massage it. The procedure creates a practical choice for joint pain.

Remedy 4: Ginger drink

Ginger and its medical properties work wonders. You need to make ginger tea by doing a thin slice of ginger in 2 cups of water and then boiling it for 2 minutes. Now, add in honey and stain away ginger.

Remedy 5: Cayenne pepper

Take cayenne pepper (1 teaspoon) and olive oil (2 tablespoons). Then apply it gently to the affected area and cover it with a cloth. The properties present in it make a lot of difference.

Remedy 6: Intake of herbal juice

Herbal juice and its effectiveness make a lot of difference. Natural sources play a crucial role in boosting the body’s immunity and helping it to fight against problems. Some of the natural herbs are:

  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)
  • Bala (Sida cardifolia)
  • Prishniparni (Uraria picta)
  • Gambhari (Gmelina Arborea)
  • Rasna (Pluchea lanceolate)
  • Shallaki (Boswelia serrata)
  • Castor root (Ricinus communis)

The ayurvedic doctor suggested tips: Don’t make these mistakes

  • Don’t have sour food and Vata aggravating food like white flour.
  • Don’t put anything heavy on your head and shoulders.
  • Staying up early at night. It’s better that you sleep on time to keep you healthy.
  • Sitting in the wrong posture. Always keep the correct posture when you sleep, read, or write. Otherwise, it will put excess pressure on bones and the spine.