What are the symptoms and causes of sexual performance anxiety and ED?

Sexual Performance Anxiety and ED
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What are the symptoms and causes of sexual performance anxiety and ED?

  • August 4, 2022


Sexual Performance Anxiety and ED

Does anxiety trigger before having sex? YES! The problem is common among males, which gives an anxious feeling before and during sexual activity. In medical terms, it’s referred to as sexual performance anxiety. That’s not all. The problem can trigger sexual issues like PE (Premature Ejaculation) and ED (Erectile dysfunction). The expertise of the Sexologist in Ludhiana can help you get closer to a practical approach. Getting the proper care on time is crucial because it can significantly affect the individual’s sexual performance and won’t give the desired satisfaction.

Common causes of sexual performance anxiety

Here are some common reasons behind sexual performance anxiety which can lead to psychological and physical health concerns. And it includes:

  • Excess stress due to ED delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation, and inability to reach orgasm. All these conditions can create a problem with sexual satisfaction. The expertise of the Ayurvedic doctor in Ludhiana will point toward the exact problem and suggest the necessary options based on all-natural and non-toxic methods.
  • Thinking about sexual performance results in excessive worrying and an inability to satisfy the partner’s needs. You mustn’t delay and make an informed decision under the expertise of an Ayurvedic sexologist at our ayurvedic clinic in Ludhiana.
  • Body image or self-esteem problems like being overweight, height problem, or penis size
  • Sexual anxiety can start to trigger relationship issues like dissatisfaction and the inability to have that emotional connection.
  • Mental health problems like stress, non-sexual aspects, or problem with work life. As these things are always on the mind, it’s common for the person to have sexual performance anxiety.
  • You generally feel anxious about sexual performance.

How does performance anxiety happen?

When you feel anxious, the sympathetic nervous system gets triggered. When it happens, its normal to experience different concerns like:

  • Blood vessels get constricted
  • Stress hormones production increases like cortisol, norepinephrine, and epinephrine

With these conditions, it’s normal for the blood pressure to get higher, and the blood flow won’t be enough to the penis area.

The restricted blood flow increases the difficulty of keeping an erection and not being able to enjoy sex life entirely. The psychological effect can affect the body’s physical response, making it more challenging to have a satisfying sexual life. So, if you have ED, it’s a problem of being unable to keep an erection, increasing the anxiety and nervousness felt before sex.

Sexual performance anxiety is common and manageable

Undoubtedly, there’s nothing we can do about it is common. Everything can be balanced through right medical assistance. The expertise of the Ayurvedic sexologist improves the entire condition. As the Ayurveda emphasizes improving the problem through the root cause. Therefore, the treatment plan will be based on the same to manage everything effectively.