Depression and Hair Loss: Is there any relation between the two?

Depression and hair loss Are these linked
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Depression and Hair Loss: Is there any relation between the two?

  • August 11, 2022


Are you feeling too down at present?

At some point in your life, you don’t feel like coming out of bed. If the given state continues for a long time, it’s a sign of mental illness that starts to affect you physically and mentally. And there’s a possibility of having depression that further leads to hair loss. If you are struggling to live your life in a better manner, then schedule an initial consultation with our ayurvedic doctor in Ludhiana to make the entire process manageable.

Depression of different types and its various effects

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders that make it challenging to carry out daily activities quickly. There are various types of depression, and depending on your one, an Ayurvedic doctor suggests the necessary action to be taken. Be it major or mild depression; you have to be prompt in visiting one of the best ayurvedic hospital in Ludhiana.

What can depression do to the body?

Depression and physical illness can make the person engulf themselves in a highly problematic state. It can also lead to several other health issues like diabetes, stroke, chronic pain, cardiovascular disease, and other health conditions. As depression can make changes to the working mechanism, therefore the problem can get worse with time.

Depression and hair loss: How are these related?

Depression make stress levels extremely high. Therefore, it’s about letting the entire state under control and balance the overall body. With depression, there’s the possibility of experiencing different hair loss like:

  • Telogen effluvium

Telogen effluvium occurs when hair follicles get into the resting stage. You can have significant hair fall when you comb or wash your hair.

  • Trichotillomania

Depression can occur along with anxiety or frustration, making the person feel strongly about pulling hair. That violent urge proves to be problematic for hair health.

  • Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata affects the body’s immunity leading to excess hair loss. Moreover, hormones have a negative effect, which further causes hair fall.

Hair care is essential; Get medical assistance

You have to be careful about consulting the medical expert on time. The doctor’s assistance is the way to manage everything. The hair loss specialist will also let you know which sort of Hair loss treatment your situation demands. In case there’s any doubt in your mind, then you should consult the doctor and seek a proper diagnosis to plan for everything effectively.

Are you depressed?

Well, don’t let depression affect your overall well-being negatively. If, at present, you are depressed, then get medical assistance at the earliest. At Deep Hospital Ayurveda, the Ayurvedic practitioner will give you the personalized and best care to make everything go smoothly.