Gout: Management of Vatarakta through the ayurvedic treatment plan

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Gout: Management of Vatarakta through the ayurvedic treatment plan

  • March 19, 2022


Vatarakta: Happens due to vitiated dosha

Vatarakta, also known as Vatasonita is caused by the vitiated Vata dosha and rakta, which impact the person gati movement of each other. With this condition, the person’s physical activeness is affected. Moreover, those with pitta Prakriti have higher chances of getting this condition. All those dealing with this problem should visit one of the best ayurvedic doctors in Ludhiana to seek the proper care on time and how to manage the condition effectively.

Vatarakta group of inflammatory conditions

As this condition happens, several inflammatory diseases can occur like gouty arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory polyarthritis, connective tissue disorders, and vasculitis. Moreover, the rakta vitiating factors can significantly affect the digestive system’s Agni at dhatvagni and jatharangni levels. As the condition includes a group of other disorders, there is a chance that your connective tissues and deep vessels are significantly affected. Bear in mind your condition is well-managed by following the advice given by the doctor at one of the known ayurvedic clinic in Punjab.

Ayurvedic Management for Vatarakta

Being a chronic condition affecting the body’s systematic function, it’s essential to check how the problem gets worse or what should be done to manage the same. The main causative factors are Rakta Dushti and Vata Kopa. Bear in mind that the condition is linked to one another, so there are high chances that the problem can worsen.


  • Vata Vriddhi: The most crucial part is the sita
  • Rakta Dushti: The most important factors include the vidaha (burning), ushna, and Snigdha.


  • The vata and rakta dushti occur because the sukshma and sarva qualities are affected.

What’s the prognosis of gout condition?

One of the recent studies has pointed out that the condition is curable, and two main doshas are the reason the problem is triggered. So, the imbalance of all the three doshas is the primary triggering factor, and in the future, there is a risk of having different complications.

How are Agni and Rakta related to each other?

  • Rakta Kshaya = Manda Agni = Rakta Dushti
  • Rakta shuddhi (purification of blood) = Deepthagni (increased digestive fire)

Role of Exercise in Nidana And Chikitsa

If you don’t exercise enough, it can lead to prameha and vatarkta. Additionally, to manage the condition in all the right ways, you need to include exercise in your regime. If you are not sure about the same, then better consult the doctor as he can guide you on what option you should go for if the joints are damaged and inflamed.

What’s the treatment?

In this case, the best treatment options are rakta prasadana and Vata samana, which are an excellent way for the blood to nourish itself. In case there is langahna, then sadhya yoga is suggested. To prevent the condition in all the right ways, you have to consult the doctor.