How do ayurvedic approaches aim at treating erectile dysfunction?

Ayurvedic Treatment for Erectile Dysfunctioning
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How do ayurvedic approaches aim at treating erectile dysfunction?

  • September 8, 2021


When it is about sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, then people initially approach the ayurvedic doctors in Ludhiana as they fear that the medical treatments may make them suffer from the side effects. In this blog post, we are going to tell you about some of the ayurvedic or herbal remedies, in case the males are suffering from a serious sexual issue i.e erectile dysfunctioning.

This information is provided by the reputed doctors who are practising in the famous ayurvedic hospital in Ludhiana.


The ayurvedic practitioners usually suggest the use of the ashwagandha if the psychogenic causes are responsible for the emergence of the problem like erectile dysfunctioning.

Did you know?

Following are the pred[pondenat causes because of which the males can suffer from the ED:

  • Sexual anxiety
  • Performance pressure
  • Low sex drive or the low libido

Vajikarana Therapy

As per the ayurvedic practitioners, vajikarana therapy is responsible for revitalizing or rejuvenating the sundry elements. By doing that the ultimate balance between such elements can be maintained. This therapy is also accountable for lowering sexual ancestry and increasing libido. Also, it triggers any of the reproductive hormones as well.

Cinnamomum Cassia

This is one of the essential oils that helps males to cope up with sexual issues just like erectile dysfunctioning.


All of us know how important yoga is for the ultimate maintenance of health. Be it chronic health problems or sexual issues, it always comes out to be effective. You should ask the ayurvedic practitioners about the various yoga poses which will help you to maintain a firm erection.

Other plants

Our nature is so diversified and is spread beyond the limits. So we can surely expect the variegated varieties of the plants to be available for the treatment of ED. But yes, you are supposed to include only that plant in the treatment process which is suggested by the doctors. DO not include anything on your own without consulting the doctors.

According to an extract, In the Indian ayurvedic system, there are more than 30 herbs or plants that can be used to cope with this issue of erectile dysfunction.

Happy Patients!

Rajat Aggarwal

Hey, there! Only 6 months were left for me to get married and I was oppressed with erectile dysfunction. I decided to rely on medical treatment at first. But after 3 months, I did not notice any sign of getting better. Even I started to experience the side effects from many medications. I decided not to go any far with medical treatment.

One of my friends suggested that I approach Deep Hospital, The Department of Ayurveda. I visited it. After an initial consultation, the ayurvedic practitioners discussed the course of the treatment plan which they formulated considering my medical conditions and previous treatment history. I was so impressed with how they decided to make me feel better, that I started the treatment from that day itself.

The cure-plan was not only limited to the medications, but the doctors included many therapy and counselling sessions, along with the exercise and yoga suggestions.

The result was that, after 2 months of painstaking efforts of the doctors, I was not only able to get erect but I could maintain the erection firmly for so long.

Thank You, Deep Hospital!