How is Uttar Basti Ayurvedic treatment beneficial for sexual problems?

Ayurvedic Treatment UttarBasti For Sexual Health
Uttar Basti

How is Uttar Basti Ayurvedic treatment beneficial for sexual problems?

  • May 28, 2022


Uttar Basti: Ayurvedic therapy for sexual problems

When it’s about health, there’s no way that we can ignore it. In case when we do so, our health is only going to get worse and worse. Additionally, more individuals are shifting towards natural means to take care of themselves and even for sexual well-being. Thanks to ancient times, the Ayurvedic treatment has been on top of everything. Whether it’s an acute or sexual problem, Ayurveda offers an effective and safe approach to everything. To find out how your sexual problems get’s addressed with Ayurvedic treatment, consult an ayurvedic doctor in Ludhiana to feel the sexual pleasure again.

One of the effective Ayurvedic treatments that allow the couple to keep that sexual pleasure and fire alive in their relationship is Uttarbasti therapy.

Uttarbasti therapy: an important part of Panchakarma treatment

Being an essential part of panchakarma treatment, the therapy includes:

  • Therapeutic system process to cure sickness which occurs with reproductive health and urinary tract. Be it, men or women, both can benefit from Uttarbasti therapy. The process allows the purification and detoxification of the body from deep inside to make it feel better and healthy.
  • Another way to look at Uttarbasti is because of the special qualities it provides. All in all, it releases the toxins present in the body and helps to deliver effective results.

What are female health issues treated by Uttarbasti?

Some of the major complications in females that Uttar Basti treats are:

  • Blockage in the oviduct
  • Fibroids in the womb
  • Endometriosis
  • Infertility
  • Irregular menstrual flow

What are the male health issues treated by Uttarbasti?

Some of the major complications in male treated by Uttarbasti are:

  • Disorder in the urinary tract
  • Complications in the prostate
  • Blockage in ureter
  • Weakness in the production of sperm
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

What is the procedure of Uttarbasti?

Being an important part of Ayurvedic therapy, it uses concentrated herbal oils. When you visit the ayurvedic clinic, the oils are put into the urinary tract through a syringe. The procedure does not cause any pain, and it’s non-surgical. And that is why you should trust the expertise of Ayurvedic practitioner to get the benefits.

How to prepare for Uttar Basti therapy?

  • Make sure to drink enough water as the treatment requires your urine to be clear.
  • It would help if you never held the urge to urinate as it affects the urinary tract.
  • Your Ayurvedic practitioner will tell you to abstain from sexual intercourse for some time as your body needs cleansing.
  • You should eat light and home-cooked meals. Ask the doctor to guide you on what to eat.

How much time does Uttar Basti Ayurvedic treatment take?

Doctor will check your condition and tell you how long you need to get the treatment and the amount of dosage you need. It’s one of the most effective Ayurvedic therapy as the patients can feel the difference themselves.

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