Psoriasis & Eczema

Psoriasis & Eczema Ayurvedic Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab


Psoriasis & Eczema Ayurvedic Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab, Taking prescription medications is beneficial in treating psoriasis which can result in unwanted side effects. One of the natural and effective approaches is getting Ayurvedic treatment for psoriasis and eczema. It is better to discover the issue and how effective it can be for the current health issue.

Understanding Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatment follows a holistic treatment approach which has been in use for many years. The main focus of Ayurvedic treatment is to boost your overall health. Your well-being depends on body, mind, and spirit. Living a healthy lifestyle and taking herbal remedies can help you get relief and it should include the following:

  • Meditation
  • Detoxification
  • Exercise
  • Healthy diet

Ayurvedic practitioners believe that every person has a different energy and these are referred to as doshas which include:

  • Vata Energy Controlling the bodily functions
  • Kapha Energy Helps in controlling the body growth
  • Pitta Energy Helps in controlling the metabolic functioning

The goal of Ayurveda is to keep the doshas in balance to benefit your health and this approach is used for different health issues.

Panchakarma therapy for Psoriasis

Panchakarma therapy is beneficial for patients with psoriasis. The treatment includes plant-based remedies along with dietary changes. The main is to purify and detox the body. The patients need to eat a vegetarian diet. The treatment is going to include the following:

  • Consumption of medicated ghee
  • Vomiting and purging
  • Covering the entire body in the paste of medications and mud
  • Performing medicated enemas

The treatment and length of the treatment are going to depend on how severe the condition is and how committed you are while getting the treatment.

What are the Additional Ayurvedic Psoriasis Treatments?

  • Consumption of garlic and onion to purify the blood.
  • Jasmine flower paste to reduce inflammation and itching.
  • Guggul to reduce the inflammation.
  • Neem helps in boosting the immune system and helps to purify the blood.
  • Turmeric helps reduce swelling, redness, and inflammation.

No matter what you are consuming it is important to consult the best Ayurvedic practitioner as he will understand the root problem and accordingly suggest the treatment plan.

How is Stress Reduced Caused by Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is caused by stress which can be emotional and physical. You need to do exercise and meditate which helps to reduce the stress-level produced by psoriasis. Both of these treatment plans are considered highly effective in treating your condition. Your doctor is going to suggest herbal remedies that reduce the stress-levels in the body.

Effectiveness and Safety With Ayurveda Treatment

Ayurvedic herbal remedies are supplements that are part of the treatment plan. There are no strict monitoring and testing procedures for drugs and treatments. The clinical trials have made it easier to understand the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. Make sure you take the Ayurvedic treatment under the guidance of the esteemed Ayurvedic doctor.


Ayurvedic treatment helps every person differently. You need to have a treatment plan which is going to offer you the most satisfactory results.

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    I have been having a severe issue of eczema and psoriasis for a long time. I tried various medications and treatments but nothing worked out for me. There was one time that this problem affected my self-confidence greatly. Fortunately, I came across Deep Hospital who has been following the treatment approach of Ayurveda. During the initial consultation, the Ayurvedic practitioner understood the key symptoms, causes, and determined the suitable treatment plan. Getting the treatment from them has improved my condition.