How to Treat Your Eyes with an Ayurvedic Method?

How to Treat Your Eyes with an Ayurvedic Method?

How to Treat Your Eyes with an Ayurvedic Method?

  • August 12, 2023


Improving eye health with Ayurveda 

Your eyes feel tired when you use a laptop, television, or phone. Often use those things when you suffer from a headache, Dry eye, dark circles, vision-related problems, etc. Taking ayurvedic treatment can relieve some issues. And also improve your eyesight. 


Causes of poor eye health 

There are some causes of poor eye health. 

Improper diet

Improper diet is a cause of weak eyesight. People need to learn the nutrients to consume food. Nutrients and vitamins help to improve your vision and health.  


When you go out, you wear glasses. It protects against dust and bright sunlight because dust particles create various eye infections and allergies. 

Unprotected screen 

Working people and students often use laptops and smartphones. Then the eyesight problem started. When you protect the screen or use protective glasses, you protect your eye. 


When we grow, and our bodies lack eye strength, our eyes get blurry—healthy food and regular eye exercise help to improve eye health. Growing old faced problems in the eye such as dry eye, cataracts, blurry vision, glaucoma, etc. 

Ayurvedic treatment for eye 

If you’re seeking Ayurvedic treatments for optimal eye health, our Ayurvedic doctor in Punjab can provides valuable insights. Here are some key Ayurvedic practices that can contribute to maintaining healthy eyes:

Wash your eyes daily. 

Ayurvedic doctors suggest you wash your eyes daily to help remove dirt particles and bacteria. You wash your eyes when you wake up with cold water. Washing your eyes daily routine helps to keep your eyes naturally healthy. 


Putting ghee in your eyes gives excellent benefits for your eyes. 

Ayurvedic herbs 

Ayurvedic herbs help to improve eye health. Such as amla and Triphala, help nourish eyes. 

Ayurvedic tips for eye health

Some tips help improve your eye health and also make you feel stress-free.

Avoid chemical product 

Avoid using chemical products around your eyes. Those products harm your eyes. You can use Ayurvedic kajal and medical-based eyeliner. Cleaning your eyes timely and nourishing it helps to maintain your eye health. 

Regular head massage

Regular head massages help blood circulation and make you feel more relaxed. You can massage coconut oil or medication verities. 

Rose water 

Using good quality rose water in your eyes helps to reduce burning and gives more relaxation. 

Cow ghee 

Consuming ghee is beneficial for body or eye health. You can put cow ghee in your eyes. It helps to hydrate your eyes.


Triphala is a traditional herb that helps to improve eye health. You can use it by taking Triphala powder and soaking it overnight in water. Then strain it when you are sure about no triphala particles in the water after you wash your eyes.   

Eye exercise 

Eye exercise helps to improve eye health and blood circulation. Regular eye exercise reduces eye strain. Eye exercises include blinking, eye rotation, palming, etc. 


Sleeping helps make the eye more rested and relaxed. It naturally maintains your eye health.  

If you are suffering from eye irritation, you go to the eye hospital and consult about the issue. Doctors give the best treatment like cataract surgery and guide you on how to care for your eyes. 

Cataract surgery performs on cataracts. Blurry vision and increased glare from the light causes cataracts. Cataract surgery is the ordinary and safest surgery. This surgery helps to improve vision.  if you suffer from blurry, less colorful, or hazy vision. You can go to an eye hospital and consult about Cataract surgery.

Eye hospitals where you can check your eyes and get treatment. Hospitals have experienced eye specialists who perform surgery and also provide medical treatment. Eye hospitals provide optometry services. You can visit an Eye Hospital if you have blurry eyesight issues.